GP & Dental Negligence

  • Do you have ongoing pain from a recent dental treatment? Have you had to undertake multiple procedures for the same treatment? You may have been the victim of dental negligence.

    Your dental negligence claim could involve:

    • Missed diagnosis – resulting in a worsening of a condition
    • Treatment errors – causing unnecessary physical suffering on your part
    • Lack of hygiene standards resulting in infections

    Other GP negligence cases we can help you with

    Negligence cases are not solely limited to surgical mistakes in hospitals. If you’ve gone to your GP with a concern about your health, and an error on their part has left you with a serious, and possibly permanent, health condition, which could have been prevented, you deserve compensation.

    In some cases you may need assistance with other matters, such as housing and vehicle adaptations, specialist wheelchairs, the Court of Protection and employment issues, which we are able to arrange for you.

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