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Legal satisfaction hits a new high despite pandemic’s challenges

Recent news that client satisfaction in legal services has hit a new high is welcome news to not only us at Dale and Newbery, but all associated with the legal profession.

Of course, like any occupation, there are good and bad in the legal world. However, The Legal Services Consumer Panel tracker survey, stated that consumer satisfaction with the service they received was 83% this year, which is a new record in the decade the survey has been in operation.

The findings were based on surveys with 3,500 consumers, and at this time, it is worth adding that most meetings could only be carried out remotely, be it by telephone or video call, after Britain was placed on lockdown.

The previously unimaginable developments since March of last year has tested businesses in a way which hasn’t been seen in our life time, so positive news about how the legal sector has responded is welcome.

From our own experience, we must say that the community in Staines have really stepped up to the mark, with so many embracing the new way of communicating. We have found a great deal of understanding and tolerance in the testing times since spring last year.

It is with little surprise, the survey showed use of online services has more than doubled from 21% in 2012 to 44% in 2021, and during that time, 54% have accessed online services.

It really is worth highlighting that reputation is an important factor with 80% of consumers citing it, with price, specialism, speed of delivery and locality/convenience also in the top five reasons for choosing a law firm.

Because the law is an area that cannot be gambled with, we at Dale and Newbery have found over many years that recommendation is still far and away why most clients get to hear about us.

Consumers need as much assistance in accessing legal services as possible, which means clarity on price, and the legal process has to be communicated in in an easy way, limiting the jargon that infuriates so many.

Now, with the world beginning to feel somewhat more like it used to be due to the number of people who have been vaccinated, we are sure the pandemic will have changed many aspects of life, with the legal world affected too, but hopefully for the positive.

In a year where there has been so much sad news, it is heartening to say the future for the reputation of high-quality law firms certainly looks extremely promising.

If you need any help with any legal matters, then do not hesitate to contact us.